This Web-based, blended curriculum has been 10 years in design, development and implementation. The program has been recently updated to add even more features and enhancements based on student and faculty feedback. The program is hosted from our secured servers and can be accessed from any computer or handheld

device operating on either Mac or PC platforms. Students can be guided through the four levels of learning in a format and time-line that can be delivered over a four-year plan or configured into a shorter time-line to work with various schools' schedules. The yearly cost per student is often less than the average price of a dental school textbook. The program has automated quizzes to help demonstrate students' mastery of Practice management as required by new CODA accreditation standards. Once the student completes the program, he or she will have a viable business plan to act as a guide for activities such as applying for funding to start, purchase, and or manage a dental practice.