Web-based curriculum

Students complete a customized plan as they work their way through topics such as Personal Finance, Personal Strategic Planning, and Office  Design.

One Product - Many devices

The software resides on our secure servers and is accessible from any device.

Faculty Support

Faculty training, support and upgrades are all included in the the annual agreement.

At present, DPRC is the only comprehensive web-based teaching tool of dental economics and management available anywhere.

The Dental Practice Readiness Curriculum (DPRC), abbreviated as Practice Ready (PR) provides a turnkey platform for developing many of the expected attributes of new dentists.

The program interacts with students, providing a self-directed learning journey to the appropriate level of competency, as well as useful conditioning to lifelong self-learning habits.

Instructors may contribute additional information to the online curriculum or just monitor and guide students’ compliance with Practice Ready.


Next Steps...

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